Friday, October 23, 2009

October 26, 2009

may i
slowly undress more
than your clothes?
thoughts of you in
an opera, dancing

your body,
like a jasmine petal . . .

this night with
out stars or moon, invites
us to walk
through each other's brain
without a bathrobe

late noon . . .
talking hammer
to hammer

i only
think you're waving
at me, those
limbs, the synapsis of
my mind shorting out

what was
winter thawing . . .
those legs

how can i
interpret you are
there for me,
when anyone else
would cut my balls off

sun, why
do flee from the
sum at dusk,

on my bed
at dawn, blossoms
a yesterday
with chocolate eyes

the mayhem
of twilight dawn . . .
shaking limbs

chases stars between
legs, moistened
with tomorrow . . .
winter deepens

chasing neon
the checker board floor of
cold winters

i don't
even know the who,
let alone
the 'you are' pulling
me out of madness

the cement
angel on top of
the strip mall
watches a tricycle
driver pick his nose

did he find
gold or was he
picking his
nose, the tricycle
driver deep in thought

she bowed
giving me her headband . . .
ichi ban;
her tears, petals
falling from heaven

restless sea
i too can draw light
from the moon

shy, the
waitress giving me
her headband . . .
'it's dirty,' she
whispered to my wife

sleep pulls me                                                                                                                                                                                                       into a world of cut-up
paper moons

under a tree singing
energy becomes oner
composing tonight

she asked me
if i'd kissed her . . .
winter haze

how sad,
the monkey with
staring at the black
and white checkered floor

i danced with
a fast food hero,
sharing spring

stay with me
now, even if we
both fall
into an abyss
with sharpened teeth

robert d.  wilson


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