Friday, November 19, 2010

The Dragon's Belly

Parkland Security Update!

Robert D. Wilson's

The Wonderland Amusement Park
cease, wind!
there's no time for

robert d. wilson

The first bomb America and the Allied Forces
dropped on Berlin during WW II killed the only
elephant in the Berlin Zoo. The first atomic
bomb used to attack an enemy, killed 100,000
plus innocent civilians including school children
and babies.

Who made the decision to allow the only nation that's
used an atomic bomb to kill other human beings, to play a
pivotal role in determining who can and can't possess
weapons of mass destruction?

who made you

the lord of stones?

the sky,

a canvas to paint

over with leaves?

robert d. wilson

short nite . . .
the slow shift of
the charcoal
seller's wife, filleting
thrice slain dragons

robert d. wilson

"Poetry is a way of taking
life by the throat."

Robert Frost

dancing lights . . .
a starfish folding

robert d. wilson

There are those who think this and that about that and more, thinking they've seen the light at the end of the tunnel and discovered nirvana, the emperor without a stitch on, only they think's it's me who's naked, they're riding in a delivery truck for the town's only bait shop, the sign on the truck declaring:
"Do business with the Master Baitor!"

The baitshop boys a team of not so prime time players consisting of high school nobodies who crave the limelight but never quite seem to get it, their paper mache masks unable to fool a soul, ah, at the dawn's early light, they sing their hastening written melodies, none of which catch on with the masses; their followers, lobotomized, sodomized, and scaling rainbows with rough edged razors sold in the grocery store check out line for less than two dollars, 100 pesos in the Philippines.

if only
ifs could whisper
and blossoms
sing to me, love,
between blankets

chastening walls?
a spider spinning

robert d. wilson

What are you doing right now? What are you thinking? Are you where you want to be? Or are
you living to please others who can't even please themselves because they too wear masks to keep the wolves at bay?

I was asked by a relative the other day: "Why do you do this to us?" Gee, I have PTSD, saw and experienced some things you could never handle seeing, and decided when I came back to the states after the war to make everyone's lives miserable including yours. If only people took their eyes off of themselves and stepped out of their home-made illusions for a few moments and tried to wear another's sandals perhaps we'd have a better world.
STOP THE WORLD I WANT TO GET OFF! Who the hell invented the clone machine and made the decision to decide what is right for everyone else? Couldn't be the churches. Hell, they can't agree on doctrine, many are racist, hates gays, deride anyone who dresses different then them, and where are they when millions are being butchered in Darfur, Somalia, and poisoned by the millions, compliments of the opium drug lords the U.S. government put into power to run Afghanistan?

The Pope doesn't have time. The rich don't give a damn, television evangelists are too busy ripping off their constituents, Buddha's into nothingness, and politicians are kissing the asses of anyone who can get them reelected.

Who built the mirrors, the clone machines, decides who's to die and who's to live, what we can say and what we can't say, the bubble gum in their overly large mouths getting staler by the moment?

leaf, is it wrong
for me to talk to you
in a haiku?