Thursday, October 22, 2009

October 21, 2009

winter dawn . . .
the coldness of an
empty bed

a jail
to haunt me, the
belly of
the dragon bathing me
in dark nightmares?

another storm?
the quiet we shared
for seconds

i'm tired
of magic sailing ships
through time in pirated
seas made in china

i wept
feeling the collapse
of your wings

i'm sorry
for loving you
at a time
when carelessness
could have killed you

to fragile
the dancer wearing

what is and
isn't it grand you called
us to say
we shouldn't be
on the road tonight?

an arched back . . .
and not from sowing
rice in mirrors

guilt? checkmate?
anger seething
inside of
a labyrinth i built
and lost the map to

where else
can we meet when dreams
are not enough?

i hope you
don't blame me for
the hope we
shared when castles
erased our minds

dance inside
your tears tonight,
plucking stars

i wish i
could pull you out of
a top hat
and make the rest
of the world disappear

those words fired
at you this morning . . .
blue thistles

spider, set
me free from the web . . .
or am i
you, wearing a bathrobe
weaving me own surmise?

robert d. wilson


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