Tuesday, September 22, 2009

September 22, 2009

teach me grass
to be pliable
and listen

walk in the
rain, ignore the voice
that keeps you
tied up with ropes
in a dark closet

first rooster . . .
he cannot wait
until dawn

like echoes
the rooster's crow, victims
of a dream
between masses
and faceless nights

the distant bark
of a caged dog . . .
and day dreams

they are for
nothing, these nets . . .
placed here to
placate the ghosts
this mind has painted

will buddha
step on snails
eating rice?

where will you
run to when i'm
dead and
the grass across
the street dries up?

a wife steeps
herself in the drunken
dreams of men

the sushi
of the day was the
waitress in
a tight black skirt
i couldn't say no to

the sticky
fingers of a fly
making sushi

it was as
if she'd dressed like
that for me . . .
an okra blossom
sheltered from the rain

poor flowers!
under a highway bridge
in edsa

this void . . .
the two of us
on a rope
bridge without ends

a child's eyes
skipping stones spirits
across the pond

with little
sleep, the river near
our home, guides
me into an eddy
sculpted by stares

lamb's blood . . .
the stench of a thousand
white worms

the yellow
shirts of stylists
to paint rainbows
between their legs

neon eyes
short circuited
by winter

pounding rain . . .
muffled screams under
bed sheets
stained with thoughts beyond
your wildest dreams

mid autumn . . .
white clouds flying

voices, and not from
my mind
if i have another
cup of mirror?

the voices of vendors
hawking goods

i bathe
in the light of a
nearby moon
crocheting hate into
neutered rhinos

i too,
carabao, plow

you stow
away in a cloud
at night
wondering why
the candle went out

your stillness,
monkey, without the
organ grinder