Monday, October 19, 2009

October 19, 2009

one, now
another, a three-fold
of miscreant moths
drawn from light to light

the boom boom
boom of workers racing
the rain

search the sun,
the moon, the ripples
of streams . . .
a thousand monks
vending mantras

cock fighting . . .
spilling blood
after church

the fire
coming from the
dragon's mouth
is oddly wet . . .
a tulip in winter

she gives her
two young boys the love
spring denied her

a friend of
mine died this morning . . .
tired, with too
much to do and a
heart that couldn't keep pace

half mast . . .
even the moon tonight
weeps for you

the sun sets in the
east, instead
of the west, the
moon eating butterflies

deep morning . . .
a laborer chats
with the stars . .

fate, the four
letter word hanging from
no one wears anymore,
at flea markets

think of the
ox tonight when winter
wakens you

robert d. wilson

October 18, 2009

that old
rooster really did
crow three times
while peter slept in a
stained glass window

quick note . . .
the flower's blossom

where was i
when you needed me . . .
my picture
staring out of a
post office window?

day lilies . . .
muffling the song's
of koi

words dance
across your forehead
carrying the
same lilies diego
rivera planted

your songs
gecko, guide me
through winter

playing chess
with four persons,
in a mind
that thinks too much . . .
a kin to brother moth?

you forget
to follow through . . .
then winter

words are more
than barkers calling
people to
watch the circus . . .
or a banana split

dusty wind . . .
brown placards with
out words

i'm tired of
jigsaw puzzles and
carousels . . .
twirling me in circles
on empty lots

winter . . .
waiting for last year's

as usual,
you play me for
the fool
i am, and think of
me as a wind-up toy


* The following seven poems are
   dedicated to my friend, Hui Na.

i saw a
star fly past me
into spring

a chinese
dancer asked me if
i wanted
to dance with her in
a basket of lilies

how can i
refuse the spring
i prayed for

hearing you
giggle reminds
me to
let my inner
child out to play

still winter . . .
the quiet of a
nursing whale

nesting on
on a crescent moon . . .
a thunderbird
eating sushi
topped with stars

swim into
the whale's womb . . .
lover's lane

lay there . . .
send me away
i won't know how
good it's feeling

one, two, three . . .
a tree line with
big smiles

robert d. wilson