Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October 27, 2009

lake taal,
ready to blow,
like her mom . . .
without a mirror,
trembling water

hollow log . . .
knowing it's his
last winter

the nets holding
manila de
bay's fish farms?

costly drinks
under a canopy . . .
colored lights

a whore, the
teenage madonna
feeding her
baby without an inn,
under christmas lights?

toad sits down
to a christmas dinner
of horse flies

she thinks she
can make it go
away with
a kiss and a smile
that hides her feelings

how rare,
the morning sky
set free!

i fall
asleep with her hand
on my shaft . . .
dreams of rainbows
cresting on waves

still winter?
will madness continue
her journey?

she asks me
to stop, to sleep
inside a briar
moistened with hope

remove me
i beg you, from
winter's grasp

inside your mind . . .
see hell and
heaven, the dragon
sleeping between mirrors

ptsd . . .
you ask me to wear
your sandals?

stuck between
seasons, my reflection
plastered with
help wanted signs
spitting neon

dark winter . . .
a paper clip clasping

humid air
i need a breather
from the
madness the mad
define as normal

burning coals . . .
the poor smear ashes
on their cheeks

when a stone
thinks it's a boulder,
toss it
into the river
and watch it roil

robert d. wilson


*Taal is a caldera volcano that is the most active
volcano in he world located in Tagaytay, Philippines.

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  1. Robert,

    hollow log...
    knowing it's his
    last winter

    Thank you,
    old pajamas


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