Saturday, September 26, 2009

September 26-27th, 2009

i slept through
morning, waking
up to write
this tanka and watch
her bow to puzzles

mid winter .. .
the down syndrome boy
eats alone

the lantern
i bought for you
last night
was was sold to me
by lazy fireflies

darkness, rain . . .
a typhoon sleeping
on the couch

i bought my
friend a used cell phone
to text me
when she gets off work
. . . fencing canned sardines

i am not
a failure, dismissing

spoiled child!
you think the world revolves
around you . . .
there's more to rice
paddies than mirrors

centuries . . .
the evil around us
in crushed ice

waking up
from the same dream
every night . . .
virgins dancing
in deep gorges

storm warning . . .
the halo halo
dream of night

above the water on
boards made
of bamboo and
dragonfly wings

starless night . . .
ghosts lighting candles
for street kids

robert d. wilson
© 2009

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