Saturday, September 26, 2009

September 26, 2009 : The Halo Halo People

the halo
halo people sleeping
on steps;
this heavy wind
the persistent rain

starless night . . .
ghosts lighting candles
for street kids

above the water on
boards made
of bamboo and
dragonfly wings

storm warning . . .
the halo halo
dream of night

waking up
from the same dream
every night . . .
virgins dancing
in deep gorges

out of reach,
a brass ring waiting . . .
heavy rain

i bathe
in the light of a
nearby moon
crocheting hate into
neutered rhinos

dragonfly . . .
spare the rice field
that feeds us

opo will
will never strengthen
a people
used to being
another's monkey

* opo: tagalog for yes sir.

the meowing
of vendors selling

only you
can massage my feet
with tears
shed for the child you left
behind in samar

will buddha
step on the snails
eating rice?

inside i retreat
to the
wonderland i
painted as a child

tondo . . .
restless feet in
a dragon' belly

the trash
beside the river
reminds me of kids
swimming in the pasig

covered with
filth, the old beggar
greets winter

forever . . .
the toothless old
posing for a photo
beyond the moon

spoiled rice . . .
a good day for our
worker's dog!

the monster
with his skin turned
inside out,
begging for money . . .
breathes the same air

like them, a
barren tree men
walk past

these people
love the company
of rats?
commune with cockroaches;
erase a child's dream?

scaling fish . . .
the pungent scent of
a buntis girl

* buntis: tagalog for pregnant

the naked little boy
without shoes
treating winter
like a children's toy

robert d. wilson

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