Saturday, September 26, 2009

September 26, 2009

where do you
sleep when the sidewalk's
and the store eaves
have waiting lines?

what is rain
to a horny cricket ?
thick darkness

the ashes
of elders and frogs
in a graveyard
swapping stories

spiders, the
web they built inside
her, empty

brown out . . .
a hundred different
worlds with their
own set of wings
and nowhere to go

rain dances
on her roof without an

on the telephone
talking to
a client, his puppy
takes her last breath

rambutan . . .
a sweet fruit hiding
behind thorns

brown out . . .
she burns candles
to ward off
a darkness filled
with childhood guilt

you don't scare
me typhoon, i too
blow off steam

are all the
women here takers
wanting to
be on magazine
covers in drag?

watching clouds
with his eyes closed . . .
hollow man

the frog monk
prays inside the
damp temple
asking for a
different song

calm down, dog;
form in your mind a
sutra stone

do you
dream of me at
night when
darkness walks past
you with a smile?

when the rain
stops, toads enter the
blow gun's mouth

deep sleep . . .
an urge to slip
into a
solder's armor
between dark moons

long before
dawn, comets
mimic dolphins

this morning,
rain and sun come to
the quiet . . .
nesting in a cup
of coffee

a retired man
sips morning coffee . . .
fluorescent tide

black pajama
people dodge flies
and locusts . . .
a thousand years
in deep tunnels

early morning . . . 
the stream between 
her legs

that moment
at night when the moon
stares at me
with a sheepish grin . . .
my wife steeping stars

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