Thursday, October 8, 2009

October 9, 2009

heavy winds . . .
my daughter's photograph
slightly tilted

what does the
tide think of people
running in
circles, changing
all but themselves?

shanty girl . . .
another world passing
you by

rain, sun, clouds . . .
we know, don't we?
the river
below us, a captain
going with the flow

elephant ear . . .
temple of the spirits
holding heaven

heavy winds
and scattered rain . . .
too soon
says a passenger
with muddied shoes

dragonfly . . .
carry my dream across
the ocean

will you come
tomorrow and give
yourself to
me, the sky a
river pushing stars?

twilight dawn . . .
what do clouds say
to black crows?

twilight dawn . . .
running from the
crow's shadow,
a cat plays with me
like he does with dinner

third typhoon . . .
my morning coffee
losing steam

a shanty
without windows . . .
a woman
cook the family meal
over hot coals

jack fruit moon . . .
a different world,
fish farms

go ahead,
haunt me with the
of eyes living
on borrowed time

and winter . . .
fishing for the dead
in thick mud

a shriveled
up old woman
begs for
money on steps
she used as a child

butterfly . . .
do you tire of being
called a moth?

i waited
for hours hoping
you'd show up . . .
drinking coffee I
I knew I wouldn't finish

robert d. wilson


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