Friday, October 2, 2009

October 2, 2009

let's follow
the moon tonight
since our
hearts have spoken . . .
tracing starlight

how can
i not worry?
delicate wings
perched upon flimsy
tree limbs

a typhoon's
coming and all think
of is you

end storm!
give us the eden
we've dreamed of

all i can
give you at this time
is my heart
beating as yours
our breath as one

your hands
today forecast more
than weather

pull me in
to your breasts and
feel one
song sung by two
in the heat of winter

you do
and don't, the tearing of
branches in winter

late night
waiting for the typhoon
to hit . . .
and you, on the computer
reading my poetry

steeped in thought,
you feel winter on
his way home

can you
fulfill your promise
to become
an old man's lover on
a monopoly board?

what'll happen
when the typhoon hits?
strange brew

robert d. wilson


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