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May 29, 2010

Robert D. Wilson's
The Wonderland Amusement Park

"A musician must make music,
an artist must paint, a poet
must write, if he is to be
ultimately at peace with himself."

Abraham Maslow

"The essence of the spirit is space,
there is nothing it holds to in the end."

Tibetan Proverb

       eternity . . .
the space between two

robert d. wilson

Space is without end.  Many Occidental scholars deal with finite formulas and calculations. This is one of the major differences between Asian and Occidental thinking.  One thinks outside the box, the other inside the box, with too many rules, based on education gifted to occupants of the box by those limited to the finite; thus the disappearance of a spiritual realm that includes the miracles and gifts, once practiced and believed in until most scholars inside the box sought to be their own gods and/or claimed to be able to understand God's frame of mind, which when you think about it is preposterous and illusionary. 

"The insufferable arrogance of human beings
too think that nature was made solely for
their benefit, as if it was conceivable that
the sun had been set afire merely to ripen
men's apples and head their cabbages."

Cyrano De Bergerac

don't feel
embarrassed by
      my writing . . .
the moon, a puppeteer
entertaining the stars

robert d. wilson

Most toddlers and babies believe in miracles.  They're sensitive, often psychic like canines, able to distinguish between good and evil people. They haven't been poisoned yet by the limitations of an education based upon primitive thinking heralded as state of the art science; a science that continually changes its mind . . . with many theories, based on mental masturbation and man's desire too blame Eve for everything that goes wrong and Eve's desire to do the same to Adam, and no, she didn't meet him on the internet. He did it, she did it, the Devil made me do it ... a crock of horse shit.  We need to return to the child inside of us and to let our inner child out too play.  It paid off for Miro, Matisse, and Picasso, though a lot of educated scholars during their time, mocked them, and called them lunatics. Shame on those who think outside the box. . . bad people! They bring about change, pioneering new ways of viewing the world. The norm opposing change, thinking women love wearing panty hose and high heels.

"To the mind that is
still, the whole
universe surrenders


look, moon's
at it again, 
tin plates on the tops
of coconut trees!

robert d. wilson 

nearing noon . . . 
in the waiting room
to give sperm

a shadow
puppet, he transforms
dusk into
a three ring circus
peppered with fog

if only
the soldier's gunsights . . .
were mirrors

don't feel
embarrassed by
my writing . . . 
the moon,  a ventriloquist
entertaining stars

each of us
a gnat, practice

his grace
a hard teacher
if i
ignore his lessons . . . 
sharpened pungi sticks

nearing noon . . .
her body still covered
with sand

 a day that's
more than a day or
a dream . . . 
wilting flowers;
an unsteady sky

late noon . . .
talking hammer
too hammer

don't worry,
time flies through dark
rain clouds . . . 
holding each other close
on an empty beach

your body,
like a jasmine petal . . .

now or

later, jiminey
will wish upon a star . . . 
dreams upended
no one can
keep us
from the dreams
we've felt at night . . . 
each star a wish
an egg
waiting to hatch
under a moon
any moon . . . 
when blossoms sing
and streams
like the
inner children
we let out
to play on swings
reserved for
the day
we've dreamt
night and day
night and day
day and night

if you were
only a dream,
i'd wake up . . . 
to the same nightmare
and fall asleep

this morning
when the stars were
into a deep sleep,
i tip toed
into the petals
of a small
wild flower
and thought about
you . . . 
waiting for me
to kiss you
a now
folding time
paper airplanes
both of us
across rice fields

crazy man,
throws a yoyo
space, expecting 
it to return!

how sad . . . 
the wilting of leaves
in summer

why do you
dance with women
you don't know?
a horse chewing
stinging nettles

robert d. wilson


I'm a Christian who follows the teaching of Buddha and Lao Tzu , neither of whom I see as gods, and yes, though it's unpopular to say Jesus Christ is God, I believe He is.  Jesus and the two sages, one from India, the other from China, saw many things in a similar light. 

Egos are for egotists(the insecure), greed is for the rich and the wannabees who worship power,want a license to do as they please, and see wealth as the source of all joy, but if you haven't noticed, they're never satisfied, and always wanting more. The rural throughout southeast Asia are mostly humble, honest, and family oriented compared with egotists and the rich. 

It's hard for me to please people and I grew up wanting to please people, to be like everyone else, but it turned out I will always stand out, not to be equated with popularity.  In the U.S, my telephone only rang when my fiance texted me or a friend or family member wanted my advice or help.  I advised politicians, wrote grants, won awards, organized a kitchen for several years to feed people during Christmas, founded the young parent program in my county serving single mothers aged 13 through 21, and championed students none of my fellow co-teachers wanted to teach, I could go on and on like some poets do with the bios that accompany their poetry in journals, but what does that prove?  Tastes in people are subjective. I must empty myself of self and seek love and peace for those I come across, whether or not they like or admire me.  I'm just another pea in the pod; a crummy leader, lousy at helping myself, but damn, don't tell me something is impossible or a young person is worthless. I have magical powers in that arena, and, like Don Quixote, unstoppable. I put my entire self into what I make happen and nothing else exists, and I do this not for recognition, believe me, others will rob you of recognition every chance they get.  I do it because I love helping others and and championing the underdog.  Some of you think you know me, but you will never know me and I will never know you,  We each are unique with our own cultural memories, experiences, genetic coding, and sensitivities. In Japan if you stare into a mirror holding a candle there are those who believe a ghost or demon will appear. Perhaps it's the magic mirror with worn out batteries.  

i am,
and I am not . . .
water flowing

robert d. wilson

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