Monday, October 19, 2009

October 18, 2009

that old
rooster really did
crow three times
while peter slept in a
stained glass window

quick note . . .
the flower's blossom

where was i
when you needed me . . .
my picture
staring out of a
post office window?

day lilies . . .
muffling the song's
of koi

words dance
across your forehead
carrying the
same lilies diego
rivera planted

your songs
gecko, guide me
through winter

playing chess
with four persons,
in a mind
that thinks too much . . .
a kin to brother moth?

you forget
to follow through . . .
then winter

words are more
than barkers calling
people to
watch the circus . . .
or a banana split

dusty wind . . .
brown placards with
out words

i'm tired of
jigsaw puzzles and
carousels . . .
twirling me in circles
on empty lots

winter . . .
waiting for last year's

as usual,
you play me for
the fool
i am, and think of
me as a wind-up toy


* The following seven poems are
   dedicated to my friend, Hui Na.

i saw a
star fly past me
into spring

a chinese
dancer asked me if
i wanted
to dance with her in
a basket of lilies

how can i
refuse the spring
i prayed for

hearing you
giggle reminds
me to
let my inner
child out to play

still winter . . .
the quiet of a
nursing whale

nesting on
on a crescent moon . . .
a thunderbird
eating sushi
topped with stars

swim into
the whale's womb . . .
lover's lane

lay there . . .
send me away
i won't know how
good it's feeling

one, two, three . . .
a tree line with
big smiles

robert d. wilson


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